What is A Seasonal Consignment Sale ?

You are about to find out about one of the fastest and most exciting ways of recycling kids' clothes, toys, furniture, and more.  Kids grow so fast that many of their items seem barely used.  Seasonal consignment sales offer a unique venue for sellers and shoppers..

Seasonal consignment sales offer more than garage sales.  Why?  We have more quality to chose from, a prime location, and a huge selection that brings shoppers together through our advertising.  As a consignor, you also gain the ability to not only sell your items but to also purchase from a large selection before the general public.

Seasonal consignment sales allow you to keep more profit than Consignment Shops.  How?  Most consignor shops only give you 40% while we offer up to 75%.  You automatically get 60% just for consigning with Your Child and Mine.  You can earn up to 75% by volunteering with us.                         for volunteer information.

For shoppers looking for great deals, this is the place.  Our sale is open to everyone.  With less overhead shoppers will find better prices and a larger selection than at consignment shops and garage sales.  It's also nicely sorted by size and category for you.

Sign up now to consign your kids' items and join us for a great experience you want to repeat every season!