Accepted Items:

We accept almost anything ever bought for newborns to teens with just a few guidelines.

We will not accept items from a recall list or that are made of unsafe materials.  Please click here for the CPSC list of recalled items.

All items must be in season and in good to new condition.  Spring/ Summer Sale - warm weather items.  Fall/Winter Sale- cool - cold weather items only.

Items must have no stains, tears, missing buttons etc...  please take items outside to look for stains with natural lighting.

We will accept all clothing for Boys and Girls up through teen sizes.  Infant clothing from 0 months - 24 months there is a limit of 25 items per gender.  Clothing 24 months and up are limited to 125 pieces total.

All outerwear, costumes, dance, sportswear, and shoes are not included in any clothing limits.

There is a 10 pair total shoe limit.  People are very picky about footwear so please bring only your best "new" to "next to new" shoes.

There is a limit of 50 books per consignor.


Toddler with Toys

Examples of Accepted Items:

o Baby/toddler travel equipment (pack-and-plays, diaper bags, carriers/wraps/slings, strollers and accessories etc.)

o Nursery/children’s furniture (ex: changing tables, gliders, rockers, nursing stools, bassinets, table and chair sets, children’s chairs/stools, toy chests, co-sleepers, etc.) *Note: no cribs* All Bassinets must be manufactured after 4/2014 and co-sleepers must be manufactured after 7/2014. *Note: See for tipping hazard guidelines. *Note: Toy chests must have air holes or no locking mechanism. 

o Baby equipment (e.g. bouncy seats, exersaucers, jumperoos, swings, activity mats, walkers, etc.)

o Outdoor toys (e.g. bikes, scooters, riding toys, playhouses, motorized cars, etc.)

o Sports equipment (e.g. bats, balls, helmets, skates, protective gear, etc.)

o Stuffed animals or toys that “DO” something: sing, play music, dance/move, etc. (example: Tickle-Me Elmo) or are new with tags

o Art supplies (e.g., sewing items, craft kits, coloring materials, jewelry making materials, new playdough and accessories, etc.)

o Games and puzzles (must be complete and kid-oriented)

o Electronics/video and computer games

o Books (e.g. board books, chapter books, educational/homeschool, etc. o Safety and child-proofing equipment (e.g. gates, door handle and cabinet locks, monitors, outlet covers, etc.)

o Feeding items (e.g. sippy cups, utensils, travel containers, baby food-making appliances, high chairs, booster seats, bibs, etc.)

o Nursing items (e.g. bottles, new nipples, bottle warmers, travel bags, nursing covers, non-liquid filled teethers, new open-style pacifiers, nursing pillows, unexpired and unopened formula, breastmilk storage and accessories, breast pumps, etc.)

o Diaper and Potty Training items (e.g. disposable diapers, cloth diapers and accessories, diaper genies, clean potty seats, wipes, wipe warmers, etc.)

o Bathing items (e.g. towels, new/unopened and unexpired bath products, bath toys that cannot trap water or NEW squirt toys still in original packaging, infant bathtubs, etc.) *Note: Infant bathtubs must follow the CPSC guidelines as of 10/2017 on infant bathtubs and have a visible warning label to address the risk of drowning and falling hazard.

o Bedding items (e.g. mattress protectors, crib/toddler and twin sheets with intact elastic, breathable bumpers, receiving blankets, single-layer blankets, new “lovies,” sleeping bags, etc.) *Note: a lovey (stuffed animal with small blanket attached) must be in original packaging or have original manufacturer’s tag.

o Organizational/storage and room décor with a functional purpose (e.g. closet organizers, storage bins/containers, lamps, night lights, curtains, banks, bookends, etc.)

o NEW “Giftables” – all items in this section must be NEW, in original packaging (e.g. kid-oriented photo frames and albums, wall decals, scrap books/baby books, gift sets, ornaments, milestone trackers/items, etc.)

o Kid-oriented seasonal holiday items (e.g. Fall/Winter: Halloween trick-or-treat bags, stockings and Spring/Summer: Easter baskets, eggs, etc.)

o Boys and girls accessories (e.g. belts, ties, jewelry, hair items, etc.)