You do not need to consign items to volunteer for shifts, or
volunteer in order to consign.  All volunteers are eligible for
a presale pass to the sale.  

Volunteer for 3 shifts and you are eligible to shop first!!!!
(one shift must be done on a Thursday or Friday)

Presale Passes-in an effort to even go greener we will no longer
be printing out presale passes.  You will be put on a master list for
the presale and when checking out your name will be checked
against the list.  (You may be asked to give us proof of identity to
purchase the items. )

Why Volunteer:
You get to earn the opportunity to shop the presale
first!!!  The 3 shift volunteers get to shop first, followed by
the 2 shift volunteers and finally the 1 shift volunteers.    

If you volunteer you need to follow through.  We are
counting on you.  In the event that you do not fulfill your
pledged obligations, or cannot find a comparable
replacement, you will not be allowed to participate as a
volunteer again or participate in any future presales.  We
need to do this because we count on you to help make a
great sale.  Please call if there are any emergencies and we
mean real emergencies.  A phone number you can reach will
be emailed to you prior to the sale.  Please keep in mind that
you may be calling when we are helping customers so please
call only in the case of a real emergency!!!!!

Other Ways To Earn A Presale
We need help with setting up tables and racks and moving

We need help with Advertising.  If you have a talent with
advertising, this may be good for you.  We need help
notifying ads in community, subdivision or company
newsletters and bulletin boards.  Also, doctor's offices,
schools or daycares.

If you have any other ideas that you may be a help, please  
us know so that we might consider it.  

Don't forget . . . your husband can also come and provide
the service hours.  You will get the presale pass.  Just let
us know of the substitution.  

**Please understand these opportunities are limited and on  
a as needed basis.

***Some of these positions are available only as a second
shift after volunteering during sale hours for the first shift

Do I need to volunteer in order to consign?  

No.  You just cannot participate in the earlier pre-sales!!

May I volunteer before the sale?   

 Yes we are always looking for help setting up and breaking down as well as other things.  

May I bring my children with
me during my shift?

No.  It is too busy for you to watch your little ones and work at the same time.

Do I have to be a consignor to volunteer?
No. We welcome your help and will reward you with a pre-sale shopping pass for you or an immediate family member.

What if I want to change my shift?
You are allowed to change or cancel your shift up to 7 days before the sale begins.  

What if I do not complete my scheduled shift or cancel my shift?
We are counting on you to follow through! In event that you do not
fulfill your obligation or find a comparable replacement, you will not be allowed to participate in any future pre-sales.  We need to have this rule to maintain a great sale.  
What if I cannot stand for long periods of time?
We can make accommodations for you.  Understand there will be limited opportunities for these positions.




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- Offline Payments