Your Child and Mine Children's Consignment, LLC

This Agreement is made between Your Child and Mine Children's Consignment LLC ("YCMCC") and you ("Seller") when you click on the "I Agree" icon below.

Whereas the Seller wishes to sell certain children's clothing and items as allowed by YCMCC"S rules, by consigning said items to YCMCC for sale to be held October 14th – October 16th (the "Sale"), and YCMCC agrees to make every attempt to sell the items in exchange for a percentage of the purchase price as set forth below.

Therefore, the Seller agrees as follows:

1.  The Seller must ensure that the price and item description are clearly marked on the printed tag provided by YCMCC.
2.  The Seller must ensure that a printed tag is firmly affixed to each item in an easily and clearly visible manner.
3.  YCMCC is not liable for any errors due to incomplete or illegible printed tags.
4.  Items without an affixed tag will automatically become the property of YCMCC.
5.  YCMCC reserves the right to refuse items which it does not believe, in its discretion, will sell.  In addition, all items must comply with applicable Consumer Product Safety Commission rules and regulations:  CSPC Link
6.  Seller will pay a Registration Fee of $15.00 upon submitting items to YCMCC.  The Registration Fee in non-refundable and is in addition to YCMCC"s Handling Fee described below.  
7. Items donated become the property of YCMCC and will become part of the bag sale as well as donated to families in need.    

7.  Any items without a price clearly marked on the printed tag or any items which YCMCC deems, at its sole discretion, to be overpriced will have a price arbitrarily set by YCMCC.
8.  The Seller's payment will be calculated based on the price agreed to by YCMCC.  
9.  All items unsold prior to the last day of the sale will be offered for sale on the last day of the sale at half price if marked "yes, discount" on the printed tag by the consignor.

Handling Fee:
10.  YCMCC charges Forty Percent(40%) of the consigned price as a HANDLING FEE for each item sold.  However, YCMCC will charge THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT (35%) of the consigned price for each item sold in the event the Seller works 1 shift during the sale or THIRTY PERCENT (30%) of the consigned price if the Seller works 2 shifts during the sale or TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT (25%)  of the consigned price if the Seller works 3 shifts during the sale.  
11.  The Handling Fee will be deducted from the consigned price for each item before any payment is issued to the Seller.

Service Charge:
12.  The Seller will be deemed to have prematurely removed an item if the Seller removes one of his/her items from YCMCC’S premise prior to the Pick-Up Period for unsold times.
13.  A service charge of TEN DOLLARS ($10.00) will be levied for each item prematurely removed.

Pick-up Period:
14.  Seller may pick up his/her unsold items between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. the last day of the Sale at the Sale location provided below.  Any unsold times remaining with YCMCC after 6:00 p.m. on the last day of the Sale SHALL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF YCMCC.
**There will be a $50 fee for any consignor who does not pick-up during pick-up time to cover the cost of sorting and removing the items.
15.  Checks may not be picked up but will be mailed to Sellers within 30 days of the last day of the Sale.  

Payment Checks:
16.  Payments to Seller will be mailed to the address stated in Seller's registration.  Any checks not cashed or deposited within 180 days of issuance will be cancelled and any monies owing to the Seller SHALL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF YCMCC.

17.  A missed deadline is the sole responsibility of the Seller.  YCMCC will not remind the Seller of any Pick-up Period or deadline to deposit/cash payments.      

Independent Contractors:
18.  YCMCC and Seller are independent contractors, even in the event the Seller works a shift during the sale.   Nothing in this agreement shall create a joint venture, partnership, employer/employee or other relationship not specifically set forth in this Agreement.

19.  YCMCC SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR missing items for whatever reason, including the negligence of YCMCC  or its employees, during the term or this Agreement.  At the sole discretion of the YCMCC, an item maybe substituted. Seller will indemnify and hold harmless YCMCC, its principals, directors, officers, employees,    
agents, and insurers, together with the property owner(s) of the location where the Sale is held and any other sellers or volunteers, for any and all damages, claims , losses, expenses (including attorney fees and legal expenses) and liabilities of any kind or nature which may arise or be incurred  directly or indirectly, as a result of (a) damage, theft or loss of any items consigned by Seller, or (b) any injury resulting from participation or attendance at the Sale.  

                              The October 14th – 16th Sale will be located at:

                                            2300 Pennington Road, Route 31
                                                  Pennington, New Jersey