Last day to enter tag information is Saturday, October 9th at 11:59 pm.

You may still print tags after this date, but no new entries!

New for consignors- Personal Checks will be accepted
for payment on purchases made at the sale!
ALL items must have a tag with a bar code for
identification and price purposes.  The bar coded tags
are not only our way of identifying each item but also
how we sort the unsold items at the end of the sale.  
Please make sure you tag clearly and according to the
directions below to ensure a great experience for you
and our guests.  You may not participate in the sale if
your tags do not have barcodes.

Tagging Items

Suggested Material:
White card stock only (60-67LBS) to print tags on.  (6 tags will print per page)
(regular printer weight paper is not permitted, it is too thin and will become separated from the item)
Packing Tape
Scotch Tape(books/gentler items)
Scissors to separate the tags after printing them
One inch or larger Safety Pins
Zip ties, clear packing tape, ribbon or string for items that cannot be pinned
Plastic zip or slide lock bags(for accessories/parts)
Masking tape
Highlighter(if donating)

Make a pile next to your computer.  It is easier to input the items if you have the same type together(example-Books)  This is because
you will not have to change the drop downs as many times.  You will not need to do all tags at the same time; it can be done in stages.  
When ready to print your tags make sure your computer is allowing pop ups.  The tags pop up in a new window so you need to enable
that feature. VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Please make sure to clean your print heads prior to printing your tags.  If your tags are smudged
or smeared please reprint them.  They WILL NOT scan at the sale. Tags will remain in the system and can be reused for up to two
years if item is unsold.  

Please do not handwrite any changes on the tags without Sale owner permission.  Changes must be reprinted.  

Tags:  Note: You must use log onto our online tagging system to create tags.
We need consignors to really check for stains.  Please take the items outside to the natural light to look for stains.  We need to
keep quality control.  Unfortunately, we have had to institute a rule that if we get more than 3 complaints against items brought by a
consignor for stains or items that do not work etc. we will have to revoke consigning privileges.  
**Each item must have its own tag and item number.
**If you make any changes to tag you must reprint it.  
Consignor ID-This will be a number that is assigned to you by our tagging service and will not change, even for future sales.
(up to 2 years unless the tag is updated with changes)  
Then you will enter the tagging area:
First there is a drop down box to identify the type of item(Toys, Books)

Size-Please do not use S,M, or L. They are often placed in the wrong size and will not sell.  

Description-please use this space to sell this item.  EX.  Fisher Price Little People.  This description will also help us to find its
match if it falls off.
2nd Description box-  This is a good place to list any other qualities the item has.  Example All original pieces included or

IF YOU PICK-UP CLOTHING with the intent to try and sell again-one suggestion is to put a F after the description to earmark
the item as a Fall clothing Item or a X if it is a Spring item.  This way when you are importing items from a previous sale to the current
sale you are only bringing over items that are for that season.  This helps you keep a better track of what you are picking up and helps
us so we have a better count for the racks we will need

Discount- Check this box if you want to sell your item 1/2 price during the half price sale. Please check if donating, because it is
better to sell at 1/2 price than not at all. If the box is not checked the item will sell for full price for the length of the sale.

Donate- A "Yes" will indicate that you WILL NOT be taking that item home after the sale.  It will be become property of Your
Child and Mine who will donate to appropriate charities of our choice.  Check the box if you want to donate. Again if donating please
check discount so that you may get something for the item before donation time!!!
**We now are offering donation receipts to those consignors who donate items.**
Please bring a self-addressed envelope when dropping off to receive this donation slip.
Price-We require a minimum price on all items of a $1.00.  Increases after that should only be in .50 increments.  If an item will not
bring in $1 by itself bundle items together. (The tagging service will allow you other options for pricing, but Your Child and Mine is
only allowing items priced as stated above.)

PRICE TO SELL.  In general, merchandise is consigned between 20-40% of it retail price depending on its condition.  Larger
items like an Exersaucer that is in great condition will sell for 40% of it purchase price, clothing is more like 20%.. Think about how
much you would be willing to pay for it.

Attach tags to items.(Please do not cover bar code with tape)  The best suggestion is to use packing tape to attach the tag to
plastic toys.  Scotch Tape is better to use on books, and gentler items.  Safety pins(no small type or straight pins) are best for cloth or
fabric items Please attach at the tag or a seam to minimize holes in item.  Packing tape is best for items bundled or accessories in bags.  
Please attach to the front of the bag and please do not put tags inside of the bag, we cannot scan them. OPTIONAL: To minimize lost
and found items we suggest items should include your consignor number separate of the tag.  Handwrite your consignor number on a
piece of masking tape or use return labels run through your printer with the 4 digit consignor number only.  Attach to inside of each
article of clothing and to the outside of all other items.  Please do not use staples to attach tags.  Suggestion:  Including the original
instruction booklet and/or warranty information is helpful but make sure that it is attached to the item.
NOTE: You will not receive your tags back after the sale.