Sell, or

What's New Fall 2017

We will be accepting personal consignor checks for
purchases made at the sale!

Pick up- is now beginning at 4:30 till 5:30 on Saturday!!

Shoes-sell better if zip tied together or put into a
ziplock bag!!!

Tags-Tags will remain in the system until sold for up to two

Bins Left for Pick-up-Please put your consignor number on the
end of the bin so that the volunteers can see them easily.  Please
make the number large

Volunteers-you must sign in and out.  We need to to work the
full time.  It is only fair to others.  If you are late for any
reason you must fulfill your full time.  Please do not be late
others wait until you arrive to leave.
 Please do not drop off
during your volunteer time.

We now accept PG and PG13 Parent Movies.  We will be creating
a parent movie corner.  

Stuffed animals-We only accept NEW or battery operated
stuffed animals. We have been getting too many well loved
animals.  They do not sell and only take up room.